The play's focus is about a man in his thirties who dropped out of high school in his senior year after failing a course in English. He is completely obsessed with breeding a champion homing pigeon. He spends the better part of his days on the roof of his Philadelphia home with his pigeons.

The man (Lester) is supported by his sister (a catholic nun). She brings him food everyday and supports him in other areas as well.

 Lester is in line to inherit the family fortune if his married before he turns thirty five. His sister decides to take the matter of Lester being married into her own hands. She brings home a single young woman who works as a clerk at the convent. 

Lester has a problem in that he hasn’t kissed a female for years. We learn as the play progresses what caused this trauma in Lester’s life. The young woman’s mission is directed with the nun’s encouragement to get Lester over his phobia and becoming his wife.

The play gets convoluted when a boyhood friend of Lester and the nun arrives in the second act. As the play progresses, we learn the Machiavellian reasons for the nuns motivations.