The play, “Marriages”, is a comedy love story in three acts. It opens in Harrisburg, PA, and follows the life of twenty-eight year old Matt Matthews, the number one DJ in that city. He meets his first wife, Debra, after she rear ends his new sports car. Her first words to him are “I don’t have any insurance.” This marriage outlines what happens when two people get married that aren’t compatible. 


Throughout the play Matt takes all of his wives to the same honeymoon suite in the Poconos. Douglas, another character in the play, is a bellboy the first time Matt visits there. Near the end of the play Douglas owns the honeymoon establishment. He had previously married the deceased owner’s daughter who is now deceased as well. His life ironically parallels Matt’s with the number of women he has married over the ensuing years.

The second act presents Matt’s third wife. As the act move along the second wife is discussed. Anne Matt’s third wife is a college professor at one of Philadelphia’s universities. Matt believes that he has finally found the love of his life. Anne confesses on their honeymoon night that she is having a lesbian relationship with another professor named Bernie. This is too much information for Matt to handle. Matt abandons the honeymoon and the marriage.

In the final act we find him married to Sheila who is a senior in college and uses Matt to further her career. On the honeymoon, (in the same suite as the other marriages) she confesses that she doesn’t love him and that she’s been seeing her old boy friend (Bear, who plays for the NY Jets) all along. Bear shows up at the honeymoon resort and she decides to leave Matt for Bear. 

Matt'is single again.

At the end of the play, Matt reestablishes his relationship with Debra, but the audience is left with the same old Matt. He is still in search of the perfect relationship.