The Nine Day Queen

This is a play in two acts. It chronicles the life of Lady Jane Grey who died Lady Jane Dudley. She was the great granddaughter of Henry 7th. She was also the first cousin of Edward VI, the son of Henry the 8th.

When the 15-year-old King lay dying in June of 1553, he nominated Jane as successor to the Crown in his will. He subverted the claims of his half-sisters Mary and Elizabeth under the Third Succession Act.

Jane was imprisoned in the Tower of London when the Privy Council decided to change sides and proclaim Mary Queen.

Jane was convicted of high treason in November 1553, which carried a sentence of death. Queen Mary initially intended to grant a pardon to Jane and Guildford until the Wyatt rebellion in January. The purpose of the rebellion was two-fold. First, to re-establish Jane Queen once again, and secondly, to protest Mary’s plans to marry Phillip of Spain. Jane’s father, the Duke of Suffolk and his two brothers had joined the rebellion, which caused the government to go through with the verdict against Jane and her husband Guildford.

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The Playwright

TIME: The present. About 2:00 P.M.

PLACE: The lobby of a regional theatre in a large American city.

SCENE: The lobby is decorated with theatrical posters advertising the plays scheduled for the coming season. One large poster, up-stage center, announces in big bold lettering. “November Production, To Be Announced”. Large photos illustrating scenes from last season line the walls. In the far up-stage area is the box office. A sign posted over the opening lists show times, prices, etc. The lobby is lined with padded seating and is divided by similar seating and contains a wide variety of exotic indoor plants. At the extreme up-stage wall are the doors leading to the auditorium area of the theatre. On either side of the lobby are open stairways leading up to the balcony. As the curtain rises, Vincent Benda is seated on the padded seating down-stage center. He is dressed in a dark, fashionable suit, complemented by the appropriate fashionable accessories. After a while, he rises and paces briefly. He stops at one of the posters and begins to examine it. He glances at his watch again. One of the doors from the auditorium opens and Milo Pryor enters. He is dressed in a chauffeur’s uniform. He crosses down to Vincent and speaks.

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The Breadman

Scene I

As the lights come up, two figures appear from the shadows. They walk slowly down the street, arms around one another, and ascend the steps of the front porch. The only furniture on the porch is a sofa-like swing. Davey Downs is dressed in a summer Tux, and Jenny Brahm wears a semi-formal gown of the mid-fifties. They pause for a moment and gaze at the summer sky. He takes her in his arms and kisses her lightly. After they kiss they look at each other in silence for a brief moment, then she interrupts the mood.

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The play takes place in New York City during the early seventies.  A young Artist has defected from the Soviet Union and is attempting to make a living as an artist.  He is void of friends with the exception of a struggling actor who resides in the same building.  

As the play develops the audience learns that this young artist is struggling with his sexuality.  A young woman is introduced to the artist that points him in the direction as a heterosexual.

When a mentor from the Soviet Union appears in the second act the artist is confronted with a decision. He once again is placed in confusion concerning his sexuality. 

The audience will decide which direction he ultimately will take.


The play's focus is about a man in his thirties who dropped out of high school in his senior year after failing a course in English. He is completely obsessed with breeding a champion homing pigeon. He spends the better part of his days on the roof of his Philadelphia home with his pigeons.

The man (Lester) is supported by his sister (a catholic nun). She brings him food everyday and supports him in other areas as well.

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The play, “Marriages”, is a comedy love story in three acts. It opens in Harrisburg, PA, and follows the life of twenty-eight year old Matt Matthews, the number one DJ in that city. He meets his first wife, Debra, after she rear ends his new sports car. Her first words to him are “I don’t have any insurance.” This marriage outlines what happens when two people get married that aren’t compatible. 

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