Tuesday, 3/14/2462@1530 

   My name is Adam Pagan. I am a junior officer aboard the space transportation system USS Triangulum I. We are presently 61 million miles from Earth and just beyond the Asteroid Belt of our solar system. At this point, we are just drifting. According to our calculations, the Einstein/Rosen Bridge (a Wormhole) is scheduled to be opening tomorrow. That’s our immediate destination.

   I have been tasked by Supreme Command to write a history that has led 5 million citizens in the United States to relocate in the Triangulum Galaxy. The USS Triangulum I has a population of 7026 men and women aboard with a wide variety of disciplines. Our mission is to establish a colony on planet M-23. The planet was designated habitable by our previous probes.

   Keeping with my mandate and beginning with this entry, I intend to begin a chronological order outlining what necessitated many of our United States citizens to evacuate their homeland and seek a new home in a distant galaxy. I will continue to make entries into this diary for as long as the Supreme Command wishes me.

   Early in the 21st century, the United States was under the threat from ISIS Jihadists terrorists from every other country in the world. ISIS had gained momentum with their movement to establish a ‘Muslim’ planet. They had created a caliphate in Syria and millions of young Muslims from all over the world including those from the United States rushed to join the jihad.

   In the past hundred years, Asia, including China, Japan and the greater part of what was once the Soviet Union put up a bloody struggle, but in vain. All those territories were eventually conquered. In most of these geographies, the populations were completely exterminated in the name of Allah after being tried under ‘Sharia Law.’

   The United States was the only county that was still free from this Muslim threat.  The southern borders of the United States were porous and individuals from several terrorist groups came through with one purpose, they wanted to destroy our citizens, our religions and our cities. Unfortunately, for the better part of that century, they were allowed to go unchecked. In many situations they carried out their terrorism with only a few repercussions. Unfortunately, the liberal leaders that ruled our government at that time believed that the United States should turn its other cheek. These officials refused to recognize the obvious danger and blamed this ‘Islamic Terrorism’ on everything other thing than what it was: ‘Jihad’ as outlined in the Quran. These liberals, year after year, made excuses for these murderers.

   Then in the middle of 22nd century, the United States population voted for an administration that finally took action and sealed all of its borders. A lethal electric fence and land mines were installed along the northern and southern borders. Missile batteries were at the ready to neutralize any aircraft attempting to enter the country. Mine fields were established along the east and west coasts. Our citizens were not allowed to leave the United States nor were anyone allowed in for any reason, whatsoever. The United States didn’t import or export anything and became a closed door nation.

   This drastic action, however, did not completely address the terror problem. Many of the Muslims that were living in the United States at that time belonged to a group called Hizb ut-Tahrir or Party of Liberation. The Hizb had been around for over a hundred years and had always been careful, except on a few occasions, to refrain from advocating violence. However, after the United States closed its borders to the world, the Muslims living in the United States took up allegiance with ISIS sympathizers abroad and began to terrorize the secular population through suicide bombings and roadside IUD’s. They met and plotted terrorism in their Mosques. This amounted to thousands of individuals planning and implementing internal destruction as well as plotting to take control of the government. It was calculated that the Muslim population was and would continue to double every 40 years. Arrests were made on a daily basis, but the ISIS terrorism continued. The Muslims living in the United States advocated the following:

    A Muslim has no country except that part of the Earth where the Sharia of Allah is established; a Muslim has no nationality except his belief; a Muslim has no relatives except those who share the belief in Allah.

   Periodically there were bombs placed in public places, attacks on congregations in Christian Churches and Jewish Temples. Big cities, sport stadiums and shopping malls were other targets for their destructive plots. The majority of these aggressions were planned in the Mosques by the radical Muslims.