The Artist


The Marquis de Sade once said, “Sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.” 

As a disciple of the Marquis, I subscribe to his philosophy. My name is Adele Noel. I am the only child of Reginald Noel, the multibillion heir of Steel fame. A trust fund was setup for me when I was born. The entire ten million dollars of that fund will become available to me when I graduate from the University I am presently attending in Paris.

I’m twenty one years old, I stand at five foot, five inches in my stocking feet and I weigh in at one hundred and ten pounds. I have black hair and a curvy build. My friends are always telling me I should be a model based on my looks. Art is my major in college. After I graduate, I intend to move back to New York and purchase some property in the SOHO section of that city. I intend to have my own studio.

When I was eighteen, I discovered something about myself. I have a dominate personality. My best friend, Fran, roomed with me when I moved to Paris. She is a very attractive brunet with a body that doesn’t quit. Living in close proximity to Fran, I also learned that I had a sexual attraction toward her. Within a short period of time, we were sleeping together. Fran has been very submissive and would let me sexually experiment with her. 

When I took an art class in anatomy, I was exposed to the male body. I would get turned on while painting them. One particular male model, Serge, I found to be especially attractive. I approached him one day after class and inquired if he was for hire outside of the class. Serge was studying to be an actor. He said that he would do anything for the right price. That was music to my ears. I hired him on the spot. Money to me was something I used to get what I wanted. I wanted Serge.

I arranged a time for Serge come to my condo. I rushed home and informed Fran. I worked out a diabolical plan. Under the pretense of having Serge model, I intended to proposition him to have sex with Fran and me.  Fran reminded me that she had never had sex with a man. I put her anxieties to rest when I assured her that this was going to be my first time as well. 

“It will be a learning experience for both of us. This is something that we owe ourselves to experience. You’ll love this man, he’s beautiful,” I promised her.

I instructed Fran to wear a bathrobe with nothing on under it. I intended to wear a smock that would cover my nude body that was hiding beneath it as well. 

When Serge arrived, I greeted him. I showed him to my studio where he could get take off his clothes and get prepared to model. After a few minutes, he immerged from the studio wearing a robe. He walked into the living area where Fran and I were having a glass of wine. I introduced him to Fran. I explained that she is my biggest critic. “She always sits in on my sessions when I’m painting a model.” Fran and I finished the wine. We all proceeded back to the studio.  

   I had Serge stand on the pedestal. I remove the robe he was wearing. Fran’s eyes fell on his cock. Serge was very well endowed. I did a visual measurement and estimated the length to be around six inches in its relaxed position. The girth of it was thicker than that of the average model I had observed in the class. He was packing solid equipment to pleasure women. I intended to experience that equipment before the night was over.

   Fran sat in a chair in back of my easel with a look of lust in her eyes. I pretended to begin to sketch something on the canvas. After a few minutes, I approached Serge and began to physically pose him. Having my hands on his body, I could feel my lubricant begin to run down my legs. Eventually, I decided to end the pretention. I looked up at him.

   “The actual reason I asked you here this evening was to proposition you to go to bed with my roommate and myself. I’ll be honest with you. Neither of us has ever been to bed with a man. We’re curious and horny. I’ll pay you whatever amount you required to perform for us. What do you say? Are you alright with this?” I asked.