An indiscretion is an act of variance with the accepted morality of a society. The stories on the following pages are riddled with indiscretion made by the main characters within each chapter. 

    The first story is more about consternation. Daniel met Sharon on a blind date a year and a half ago. After the second date they became an item. Sharon confessed to Daniel, before their first sexual encounter, her kinky needs and preferences. After a year of wild and incredible sex, they become engaged to be married. At the engagement party, Daniel is introduced to Dale who is the stepsister of the bride. There is instant chemistry. They sneak off to a bedroom during the party and have sex. Daniel is now between a rock and a hard place or at least that’s what he thought. 

   The second story involves a man entering into a relationship with a dominate woman (Louisa) who needs to perform pain on her sexual partner. Otherwise, she has a problem reaching sexual gratification.  Louisa has no problem taking on the role of teacher. Her partner, Nathan, has made the mistake of falling in love with Louisa before he had time to evaluate her sexual needs. 

   The third story features Carl who is about to begin a job in a different State. He has been invited to stay with a friend from college (Rosalie) and her husband. Carl and Rosalie had been intimate when they were staying in their coed dormitory. Rosalie’s husband is a salesman. He frequently goes out of town for several days at a time. Rosalie’s hormones kick in when she sees Carl after several years. Carl becomes Rosalie’s sex slave. 

  The fourth story launches a priest psychologist into a den of iniquity. He has been assigned to the “House of Good Shepherd” a woman’s reformatory for wayward women. Their ages range from 18 to 25 years. They have committed minor offences. The offences were not serious enough to put them into the regular system. The sole purpose for their being in the present institution is to finish their high school education and to be rehabilitated. The facility is run by two orders of nuns. The first order administrates the school and carries out daily teaching assignments. The other order is responsible for the care and maintenance of the various buildings, such as cleaning, operating the laundry and cooking all the meals. The priest, father Adam, has the responsibility to provide spiritual and psychological counseling. As the priest becomes more familiar with his patients (Nuns and women), he steps outside his professional roll and begins to service them sexually. 

   The fifth story portrays a slice of life all too familiar in the twenty-first century. Quincy, a professional business man who has devoted his entire life to his business has neglected his social side. At the age of fifty, he realizes that there is more to life than twenty hours a day at work. Lost for how to resolve this problem, he turns to a television advertisement. He discovers a plan to meet women looking for an American husband. Quincy, through the internet, is introduced to Katarina. She lives in Moscow. As part of the plan, Quincy must travel to Russia and be introduced to her. One obstacle they both face is neither speaks the same language. In addition, the age difference is more than twenty-five years. Katarina is the younger. Quincy is very inexperienced in sexual matters. Katarina on the other hand is highly sexually charged. She becomes a sex therapist for Quincy’s under performance. Quincy soon learns that there are other ways to communicate besides the spoken word. 

   The sixth story is one that happens all too often. A manager, Steve, who operations a large office supply store becomes sexually involved with his administrative assistant. Steve is married with two children in college. Amelia is twenty-two years old, the same age as his oldest daughter. Several times a week, Steve makes excuses to his wife that he has to work late at the office. However, Steve and Amelia visit the motel a few blocks from the store. Steve is having his cake and eating it until Amelia informs him one day that she is expecting a child. She also informs him that she has decided to keep it. Steve convinces his wife to allow Amelia to move into their house. Steve’s wife, Helena, falls in love with Amelia and a Ménage a trois pursues. 

   The seventh and last story focuses on a middle age man (Tony) who becomes infatuated with a woman he has been following on television. The woman (Mallory) has been the center of a murder trial. She is accused of killing her boy friend as the result of a domestic fight. Tony begins to correspond with Mallory while she is in prison awaiting the culmination of the trial proceedings. As time goes on they develop a bond. When she is found guilty of “Man Slaughter” and released for time already served, Tony invites Mallory to move in with him. When they have sex, Tony realizes that this woman can be dangerous when she expresses her decadent sexual practices. He determines that this woman is truly dangerous to his well being when she nearly suffocates him while having sex one evening.