Whatever Happened to Virginia Dare?

A Search for the Lost Colony


In 1585, Sir Walter Raleigh took on one of the first English settlement attempts in North America. The first trip was to establish and locate an area suitable to set up a colony. A year later in 1586, he  set up a colony of about 100 men on the east coast of North America, on land he named Virginia after Queen Elizabeth I, who being unmarried was known as the “Virgin Queen.” The first attempt to colonize failed after a few months.

   Then in 1587, Raleigh made another attempt at establishing a colony at Roanoke Island, Virginia, with a 117 men, women and children. When it was determined that additional supplies were going to be needed to sustain the colonists, the leader of the colony, John White, left the colonist, his daughter and granddaughter, Virginia Dare, on Roanoke Island to return to England. He promised to return quickly with supplies. He left his son-in-law,

   After more than two months at sea, he finally returned to England. A war with Spain interfered with his return as promised. All the ships in the England had been commandeered to face the Spanish Armada.

   Finally, after three years when White and the supply ships arrived back at Roanoke Island in 1590, the entire colony had disappeared except for the word “Croatan” inscribed on a post. This novel attempts to resolve the mystery of the “Lost Colony” and learn the fate of Virginia Dare.