Five Hundred years in the future the Muslims have taken over almost the entire planet with the exception of the North American continent. However, even that last vestige is under the threat of collapsing and it was eventually realized that it was just a matter of time before the Muslims would invade.

With that fact facing these desperate people, they made a decision to leave Earth to the Muslims and begin a new life in the Triangulum Galaxy. After traveling through a Wormhole and settling on a planet similar to the Earth and in a solar system with a star the size of our sun with four planets revolving around it, they named their new home M-23.

After establishing a colony on M-23 something very unusual was experienced one day when three (3) young women who had left the colony to explore, disappeared. And then, suddenly, after three (3) days they reappeared, but their memories had been completely erased. A search was launched for the cause of this anomaly and once it was discovered, the Scientists on M-23 developed this mysterious foreign matter into a weapon they referred to as BE1.

 The government of M-23, the Supreme Command, recommended to the M-23 colony population that they should consider using this weapon to take back the Earth from the Muslims. After a vote was taken and counted, the citizens through the ballot box overwhelming agreed with that suggestion and an armada of ships was launched toward that end.

When they arrived in the vicinity of Earth, they discovered that the Muslims who were now living on the planet were now living in the future by a hundred and eighty (180) years due to the ‘Space /Time Continuum,’ and these modern day Muslims had no idea what had transpired in their past. Over that period of time, these Muslims had reverted back to living like the Muslims had lived in the 7th Century. All they knew was the Quran and Sharia Law. For those Muslims, it was historical ‘tabula rasa.’


A war began that would decide the fate of the Earth.