Mercenaries of Panama (Shada)

Shada was introduced in first novel “Mercenaries.” She was educated at Johns Hopkins Medical School and because of a love interest she was eventually trained by Al Qaida. She conducted missions for Al Qaida in the mid-east until she was captured by the “Company.” She became very close to being neutralized. Frank the main character in “Mercenaries” saved her life. After being bought by an Egyptian slave dealer, she was eventually released to Frank. He had her returned to the “Compound” in Panama. The “Company” determined through interrogation that her background in performing Neutralization Missions made her a candidate for hire. After twelve weeks of training, she spent several years conducting many successful missions and had become a valuable asset.  

In addition to her success working for the “Company,” she had a desire to return to the profession that she had originally been trained, “Medicine.” Her personal life, when she’s not conducting missions is quite spicy. By her own admission, she is over sexed, hedonistic and satisfies that craving at every turn.

 Finally, toward the end of the novel, she plans her escape into retirement. She covers every facet of the escape, but she makes one mistake. When she was kept in Egypt by the slave dealer, he had used her as a sex slave. She vowed that at some point, when she had the opportunity, she would neutralize him. Shada carried that vow into fruition. Shada met him at his home and seduced him into believing that she couldn’t get their sexual encounters in Egypt out of her mind.          When she had him in a compromising position, she injected into him a lethal dose of heroin. 

His daughter, Nefertiabet, became convinced that he was murdered. The prime suspect was Shada. Nefertiabet knew that her father had abused Shada while being kept in Egypt. Shada had staged her own death so the “Company” wouldn’t come searching for her. Nefertiabet wasn’t fooled by Shada’s staged death. When Shada was informed by Ebi, the next character in “Mercenaries III,” she determined that she would neutralize Nefertiabet. That mission was Shada’s last.