The Artist

The Artist begins as the main character, Adele Noel, is attending her last year at a University in Paris. Adele is the daughter of Reginald Noel a self made billionaire. Adele discovers in her first year at the University that she is bi-sexual and acts on it. There are many graphic love scenes with both sexes.

Adele is studying to be an Artist until she attends a film class where she is exposed to the film ‘Last Tango in Paris’. She becomes obsessed with beginning her own film studio in New York after she graduates. She wants to make films in the genre of ‘Last Tango’. Although she has more than 10 million dollars in a trust fund available to her when she graduates, she convinces her father to help bankroll the new film business.

‘Last Tango’ had also inspired her to add anal sex to all of the other sexual practices she indulges in with her group of male and female friends. She has several ongoing sexual ‘liaisons’. There is the beautiful nude model from her art class, and her father’s young wife, when he is out of town on business. Others include two lesbians and two female professors at the University.


Her heterosexual romps include two students, a professor assigned to her for the thesis she is required to write as a requirement to graduate, a 42 year old unemployed actor in New York, and a submissive who belongs to the model.

She turns to anal sex almost exclusively with her male encounters believing that it is the ultimate spiritual experience with expressing one’s love.

The novel concludes in New York after many years of successful films, and a return back to her obsession to paint nudes.