This is a true story based on the life of Robert Lee Peters. It begins in November 1941, the day before Thanksgiving. Robert is in his next to last semester of a University in South Carolina. His life is steered in several directions when he meets the woman he will eventually marry, her father who will direct his professional life, and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

It follows Robert through the war years as an ROTC 2nd Lieutenant, the women he encounters, and the sexual escapades they engage in. As a Ranger in the 82nd Airborne, he is actively engaged in most of the invasion tactics and the battles the American troops fought to win Europe back from Germany.

When the war is finally over and Robert returns to America to complete his last semester at the University, a French woman who he had engaged with in a one night stand in Paris during the war, locates him with a young child in her arms. She informs him that the child is his and he will have to care for it. She leaves the child with him and disappears.

He manages to convince his brother Adam and wife Cathleen to adopt the little girl (Maria). Together, they keep this secret among them for years. Robert eventually takes an executive position with his fiancée’s father and becomes a member of this wealthy family.

The little girl (Maria) develops into a beautiful, intelligent woman, and becomes a successful physician. The fact that Robert has kept the secret that Maria is his daughter, as he grows older; it drives him to the brink of depression. The final chapter in his life resolves this dilemma.   

This is a true story of sex, war, deception and love.