This is an erotic memoir about a young woman who discovers she’s bi-sexual when she’s eighteen years of age. Not long after coming to grips with that part of her life, she discovers too, through a course in Theater Arts, her professional calling in life

   When she finishes a two year degree from a local community college in Kansas, she is faced with a decision as to where she will continue her education. After a lot of consideration and investigation, she decides to attend a school in New York at a Broadway Theater.  Her choice was twofold. First, after several visits to her guidance councilor, she was told that attending a four year university would advance her knowledge of the acting craft, but the contacts necessary to advance one’s career would be absent. Secondly, if she attended one of the theater schools operated in one of the Broadway Theaters, she would not only be advancing her education, but she would be making valuable contacts.

   On the airplane trip to New York from Kansas City, she meets Jenny. Jenny is also going to be studying theater at one of the Broadway Theater schools. Androgyny is financially affluent. Her mother was given a multi-million dollar settlement from an auto accident that killed her parents. She has agreed to finance Androgyny’s education and her living expenses in New York.

   Androgyny and Jenny move into a Brown Stone in Brooklyn. They also establish a sexual relationship. When Androgyny attends class, she meets Colin. He changes the course of her life. Although the Director of the school emphases that a student should not audition for plays until they graduate, Colin drags her along with him while he auditions. On the second audition for a new play Off-Broadway, she reads with Colin. The Director, Ed Golden, decides that he has to have her as the female lead in the play. After a meeting with her instructor at the school, Ms. La Bonti, she accepts the part. She resigns from school. When the play opens, she gets excellent reviews. Golden has her screen test for a film he is about to direct. This she is cast and the film lands her an Academy Award. She becomes a big film star.

   Androgyny has multiple sexual relationships with men as well as women throughout the novel. On several occasions, she has threesomes. She leads a precarious sexual life that lacks any kind of commitment. She refers to herself as ‘Androgyny’ throughout the novel to protect her reputation. Androgyny is now a household name.