A Search for Love

The novel “A Search for Love” is a story for the search of the evasive emotion “Love.” It opens in Harrisburg, PA, and follows the life of twenty-eight year old Matt Matthews, the number one DJ in that city. He meets his first wife, Debra, after she rear ends his new sports car. Her first words to him are “I don’t have any insurance.”  

This marriage outlines what happens when two people get married that aren't Compatible. 

Throughout the novel Matt takes all of his wives to the same honeymoon suite in the Poconos. Douglas another character in the novel is a bellboy the first time Matt visits there. Near the end of the novel Douglas owns the honeymoon establishment. He had previously married the deceased owner’s daughter who is now deceased as well. His life ironically parallels Matt’s with the number of women he has married over the ensuing years.  

The second marriage is to Kathy. This marriage is based on mistrust. Matt was cheating on Debra with Kathy. When they finally get married, Kathy wanted children and Matt failed to tell Kathy that he had previously had a vasectomy. Things get physical and the marriage ends. Matt gets a job in Philadelphia. 

Marriage number three is to a College professor at one of Philadelphia’s Universities. Matt believes that he has finally found the love of his life. Anne confesses on their honeymoon night that she is having a lesbian relationship with another professor named Bernie. This is too much information for Matt to handle. Matt abandons the honeymoon and the marriage. 

The fourth marriage is to “Boadicea.”  She is his fitness instructor. The gym has a rule that Gym employees are not allowed to date clients. However, they begin to date. One day the Gym Management learns of their liaison. Consequently “Boadicea” is dismissed from her job. Since she has nowhere to go she moves in with Matt. They get married. Everything is going smoothly until they begin to get kinky in their nightly exercises. They mix exercise with sex and a short double somersault results in Matt getting injured in his private parts. The injury results in “Pyrones” and an operation. He convinces himself that she is dangerous to his health and well being. Shortly thereafter, Matt gets a job in New York. He hosts a television and syndicated radio show. He leaves Boadicea in Philadelphia and later they divorce. 

 His fifth wife Sheila is a senior in college. She uses Matt to further her career. On the honeymoon, (in the same suite as the other marriages) she confesses that she doesn't love him. That she’s been seeing her old boy friend (Bear who plays for the NY Jets) all along. Bear shows up at the honeymoon resort and she decides to leaves Matt for Bear. Matt is single again.

Wife number six is Dianne. Matt falls in love with Dianne, but Dianne is completely against marriage. Her first marriage was a failure. Matt met Dianne when she worked at the same Cable News Network. She leaves the Network and takes a job managing a Hedge Fund. She gets in trouble with the Hedge Fund when it develops into a Ponzi scheme. She goes to jail for five years. After one year, she is eligible for conjugal visits if she is married. She agrees to marry Matt with the one stipulation that they will get divorced when she’s released.  She gets out of jail three weeks early. Matt is finally made aware that Dianne has left the country and has filed for a divorce. Matt is devastated.  

Marriage number seven is to Janet. Janet was Matt’s mother-in-law from his marriage to Sheila. Janet has moved to New York after catching her husband having an affair with his secretary. She looks up Matt to apologize for her daughters’ deception. Once again, one thing leads to another and Matt marries for convenience but not for love. After a few years, Janet passes away and Matt is left single once again. 

He finally determines that it is better to love than to be loved. He goes in search of Dianne and locates her in Costa Rica. He gives up his career and moves to Costa Rica to be with her. At the end of the novel Dianne finally confesses her love to him as well. Matt announces to the reader that winning Dianne’s love is comparable to winning the lottery.