This is a true story based on the life of Robert Lee Peters. It begins in November 1941, the day before Thanksgiving. Robert is in his next to last semester of a University in South Carolina. His life is steered in several directions when he meets the woman he will eventually marry, her father who will direct his professional life, and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

It follows Robert through the war years as an ROTC 2nd Lieutenant, the women he encounters, and the sexual escapades they engage in. As a Ranger in the 82nd Airborne, he is actively engaged in most of the invasion tactics and the battles the American troops fought to win Europe back from Germany.

When the war is finally over and Robert returns to America to complete his last semester at the University, a French woman who he had engaged with in a one night stand in Paris during the war, locates him with a young child in her arms. She informs him that the child is his and he will have to care for it. She leaves the child with him and disappears.

He manages to convince his brother Adam and wife Cathleen to adopt the little girl (Maria). Together, they keep this secret among them for years. Robert eventually takes an executive position with his fiancée’s father and becomes a member of this wealthy family.

The little girl (Maria) develops into a beautiful, intelligent woman, and becomes a successful physician. The fact that Robert has kept the secret that Maria is his daughter, as he grows older; it drives him to the brink of depression. The final chapter in his life resolves this dilemma.   

This is a true story of sex, war, deception and love.

Whatever Happened to Virginia Dare?

A Search for the Lost Colony


In 1585, Sir Walter Raleigh took on one of the first English settlement attempts in North America. The first trip was to establish and locate an area suitable to set up a colony. A year later in 1586, he  set up a colony of about 100 men on the east coast of North America, on land he named Virginia after Queen Elizabeth I, who being unmarried was known as the “Virgin Queen.” The first attempt to colonize failed after a few months.

   Then in 1587, Raleigh made another attempt at establishing a colony at Roanoke Island, Virginia, with a 117 men, women and children. When it was determined that additional supplies were going to be needed to sustain the colonists, the leader of the colony, John White, left the colonist, his daughter and granddaughter, Virginia Dare, on Roanoke Island to return to England. He promised to return quickly with supplies. He left his son-in-law,

   After more than two months at sea, he finally returned to England. A war with Spain interfered with his return as promised. All the ships in the England had been commandeered to face the Spanish Armada.

   Finally, after three years when White and the supply ships arrived back at Roanoke Island in 1590, the entire colony had disappeared except for the word “Croatan” inscribed on a post. This novel attempts to resolve the mystery of the “Lost Colony” and learn the fate of Virginia Dare.


Five Hundred years in the future the Muslims have taken over almost the entire planet with the exception of the North American continent. However, even that last vestige is under the threat of collapsing and it was eventually realized that it was just a matter of time before the Muslims would invade.

With that fact facing these desperate people, they made a decision to leave Earth to the Muslims and begin a new life in the Triangulum Galaxy. After traveling through a Wormhole and settling on a planet similar to the Earth and in a solar system with a star the size of our sun with four planets revolving around it, they named their new home M-23.

After establishing a colony on M-23 something very unusual was experienced one day when three (3) young women who had left the colony to explore, disappeared. And then, suddenly, after three (3) days they reappeared, but their memories had been completely erased. A search was launched for the cause of this anomaly and once it was discovered, the Scientists on M-23 developed this mysterious foreign matter into a weapon they referred to as BE1.

 The government of M-23, the Supreme Command, recommended to the M-23 colony population that they should consider using this weapon to take back the Earth from the Muslims. After a vote was taken and counted, the citizens through the ballot box overwhelming agreed with that suggestion and an armada of ships was launched toward that end.

When they arrived in the vicinity of Earth, they discovered that the Muslims who were now living on the planet were now living in the future by a hundred and eighty (180) years due to the ‘Space /Time Continuum,’ and these modern day Muslims had no idea what had transpired in their past. Over that period of time, these Muslims had reverted back to living like the Muslims had lived in the 7th Century. All they knew was the Quran and Sharia Law. For those Muslims, it was historical ‘tabula rasa.’


A war began that would decide the fate of the Earth.  


   This is an erotic memoir about a young woman who discovers she’s bi-sexual when she’s eighteen years of age. Not long after coming to grips with that part of her life, she discovers too, through a course in Theater Arts, her professional calling in life

   When she finishes a two year degree from a local community college in Kansas, she is faced with a decision as to where she will continue her education. After a lot of consideration and investigation, she decides to attend a school in New York at a Broadway Theater.  Her choice was twofold. First, after several visits to her guidance councilor, she was told that attending a four year university would advance her knowledge of the acting craft, but the contacts necessary to advance one’s career would be absent. Secondly, if she attended one of the theater schools operated in one of the Broadway Theaters, she would not only be advancing her education, but she would be making valuable contacts.

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The Artist

The Artist begins as the main character, Adele Noel, is attending her last year at a University in Paris. Adele is the daughter of Reginald Noel a self made billionaire. Adele discovers in her first year at the University that she is bi-sexual and acts on it. There are many graphic love scenes with both sexes.

Adele is studying to be an Artist until she attends a film class where she is exposed to the film ‘Last Tango in Paris’. She becomes obsessed with beginning her own film studio in New York after she graduates. She wants to make films in the genre of ‘Last Tango’. Although she has more than 10 million dollars in a trust fund available to her when she graduates, she convinces her father to help bankroll the new film business.

‘Last Tango’ had also inspired her to add anal sex to all of the other sexual practices she indulges in with her group of male and female friends. She has several ongoing sexual ‘liaisons’. There is the beautiful nude model from her art class, and her father’s young wife, when he is out of town on business. Others include two lesbians and two female professors at the University.

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An indiscretion is an act of variance with the accepted morality of a society. The stories on the following pages are riddled with indiscretion made by the main characters within each chapter.

The first story is more about consternation. Daniel met Sharon on a blind date a year and a half ago. After the second date they became an item. Sharon confessed to Daniel, before their first sexual encounter, her kinky needs and preferences. After a year of wild and incredible sex, they become engaged to be married. At the engagement party, Daniel is introduced to Dale who is the stepsister of the bride. There is instant chemistry. They sneak off to a bedroom during the party and have sex. Daniel is now between a rock and a hard place or at least that’s what he thought.

The second story involves a man entering into a relationship with a dominate woman (Louisa) who needs to perform pain on her sexual partner. Otherwise, she has a problem reaching sexual gratification.  Louisa has no problem taking on the role of teacher. Her partner, Nathan, has made the mistake of falling in love with Louisa before he had time to evaluate her sexual needs.

The third story features Carl who is about to begin a job in a different State. He has been invited to stay with a friend from college (Rosalie) and her husband. Carl and Rosalie had been intimate when they were staying in their coed dormitory. Rosalie’s husband is a salesman. He frequently goes out of town for several days at a time. Rosalie’s hormones kick in when she sees Carl after several years. Carl becomes Rosalie’s sex slave.

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Forbidden Love

This is a love story between David Mason and Philippa Surino. She was seventeen years his senior and his literature professor in college. They met when he was a college freshman at an exclusive Ivy League University. David auditions for a part in a campus play and is cast. One day after a performance, professor Surino entertains the cast at her campus house. While she is dancing with David that evening, she invites him over for a lunch the following Sunday. 

When David arrives at the professor’s house that first Sunday, she confesses to him that he has an uncanny resemblance to a young man she had been engaged to during graduate school. Thereafter, David spends every Sunday afternoon at the professor’s house. He is entertained intellectually and physically. They become lovers.

About this same time, David meets two female students, (Greta & Ilka) who he also begins sexual relations with as well. As far as he is concerned these women are just a diversion. His real love and soul mate has become professor Surino. The campus theater group under the professor’s direction has decided to do the play, “Tea & Sympathy” for the spring production. The professor has decided that she will play the part of Laura Reynolds and she will cast David as Tom Lee. David gives the name of “Laura” to the professor that will only be shared between the two of them. Afterward the professor is referred to as “Laura” throughout the rest of the novel.

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Mercenaries IV


This novel is a follow up on “Mercenaries of Panama, (Ebi). It begins at the end of the mentioned novel. Ebi is in complete shock from the explosion of his new house. His future wife and her friend were in the house at the time. Ebi manages to regain his senses; makes his way to the hotel where he stayed when he arrived on the Island of St. Kitts. 

After he manages to get a room at the hotel, he contacts his only friend on the island, Brian. With Brian’s assistance, he manages to collect his thoughts and realizes what and how it happened. The ‘Company’ bombed his house to ensure that he would be killed. Ebi now turned his efforts toward ‘Revenge’. However, they made an error in their plan; Ebi wasn’t in the house at the time of the explosion. He survived.

During his brief stay at Brian’s house, he meets Brian’s sister Eileen who is visiting on vacation. During a conversation with her one evening shortly after she arrived, he learns that she is a Plastic Surgeon. After an in depth conversation about changing one’s appearance by surgical methods, he decides to have the procedure done. He travels back to Memphis, Tennessee with Eileen and goes under the knife. Three months later, he is a changed man in appearance. 

The remainder of the novel, Ebi is set out on revenging the murders of his fiancé and her friend. He has the names of all the ‘Board of Directors of the Company’ and their locations. He goes in search of them for the purpose of neutralization. 

At the conclusion of the novel, Ebi has revenge on all his adversaries and takes complete control of the ‘Company’. He is now the only ‘Director’.



A Fate Worse than Death (Short Story)



   I had been comatose since the accident. It seemed like I was in that state for an eternity. I could feel and hear the presence of people around me. Someone was holding my hand. I heard the sobbing voice of my fiancé. She was telling someone in the room that our wedding plans had been put on hold. There was another voice that I did not recognize. He was telling my fiancé that she should be prepared for the worst. I am not sure, but I believe he was a doctor. He was using a medical vocabulary to explain my condition. I did not realize it at that moment, but I was on a respirator. I heard the voice of my father discussing my condition with the doctor. My father was saying that I had been in condition for months and he did not see any reason to continue to leave me in that state.  My father asked my fiancé what he should do. There was a long silence. She said that she agreed with him.

    I heard the doctor say is this your final decision. Both my father and my fiancé said yes. The doctor told them that he would be back in a few minutes and have them sign some paper work. I heard my father say to my fiancé that they were doing the right thing. I heard a woman who identified herself as a grievance counselor. She was telling my father and my fiancé that they were doing the right thing as well. 

   It seemed like an hour before the doctor returned to the room.  I heard him ask my father to sign something. He then asked my father and my fiancé if they wanted to remain in the room when he turned off the respirator. There was a long silence. Then they both indicated that they wanted to remain. 

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Mercenaries III

(Choose your friends carefully)

Ebi was introduced in “Mercenaries II.” Ebi had joined the Army after graduation from high school. After several months, Ebi was recruited into “Special Forces.” He served his country for ten years as a Ranger. Though a previous Ranger comrade, he was recruited by the “Company.” His story expands twelve years of successful missions all over the world.

As the novel opens, Ebi is considered one of the most experienced Rangers within the “Company.” As the novel develops, he leads several difficult and dangerous missions. At the same time, he is planning his eventual escape into retirement. Ebi had covered for Shada when he accidently learned that she wasn’t dead, but was retired on the Island of St. Kitts. 

In his life outside of his professional life, he has three women who eventually profess their love for him. Since he would like to take one of these women into retirement with him, he is faced with a real moral dilemma.  After many of his successful missions, he plans his retirement carefully with his close friend Rayan. 

Toward the end of the novel, Ebi is approached by the Colonel of the “Company to fill in for him while he recuperates from a Prostate Operation. Once in that position, he learns that one of the women that he has had a liaison is an employee of the “Company.” Since she knows too much about his travels, he determines that she must be neutralized. He sends his friend Rayan to do the deed. 

There is a strange twist at this point when we learn later that Rayan didn’t carry out the mission as requested. Ebi, Rayan and their two women escape to St. Kitts after staging their deaths in a boating accident. 

The novel ends with the fact that “No one can successfully retire from the “Company.” 

The Saga of Paul Dudley

The struggle for the North American Continent during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, between the British and French, was bloodier than any war in Europe. This is a series of stories about the many warring factions. 

The struggle between the British and the French was over the fur trade. The British had arrived on these American shores to begin a new life. The French on the other hand were interested in taking the riches of the land and returning those riches to the homeland.

The British and their Puritans beliefs were at opposite poles and conflict was inevitable. Since the British were interested in colonizing, they wanted to grab as much of the land as they could control. These two great European nations had been at war on and off for hundreds of years. Much of that war and disagreement spilled over to the American Continent.

This novel outlines many of the battles that the French undertook and the number of causalities that resulted.  

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Mercenaries of Panama (Shada)

Shada was introduced in first novel “Mercenaries.” She was educated at Johns Hopkins Medical School and because of a love interest she was eventually trained by Al Qaida. She conducted missions for Al Qaida in the mid-east until she was captured by the “Company.” She became very close to being neutralized. Frank the main character in “Mercenaries” saved her life. After being bought by an Egyptian slave dealer, she was eventually released to Frank. He had her returned to the “Compound” in Panama. The “Company” determined through interrogation that her background in performing Neutralization Missions made her a candidate for hire. After twelve weeks of training, she spent several years conducting many successful missions and had become a valuable asset.  

In addition to her success working for the “Company,” she had a desire to return to the profession that she had originally been trained, “Medicine.” Her personal life, when she’s not conducting missions is quite spicy. By her own admission, she is over sexed, hedonistic and satisfies that craving at every turn.

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Mercenaries of Panama

This is the story of a Vietnam veteran that was shot down over North Vietnam in 1971 and spent two years in the Hanoi Hilton. When he was released in 1973, he came home to find his fiancée had married someone else. 

Despondent and depressed, he requested a discharge from the Air Force in an attempt to set a course for his future. He had barely graduated from college, thus he was shutout of graduate school. His undergraduate degree was in history. The only job he ever had was flying A-7 jets off an aircraft carrier. For a year, he bummed around and the lack of activity exhausted him. In an attempt to clear his mind, he decided to take a cruise. One evening, while at the rail looking at the ocean, he meets Antoinette. Antoinette turned out to be a recruiter for an organization called the “Company.” The “Company” is made up of mercenaries. They are commissioned to do missions that are legally gray for governments and individuals.

In addition to the various missions that he flies for the “Company,” he not only falls in love with Antoinette (who together they have and raise a child), but with Dana, a young librarian. He manages the two relationships successfully throughout most of his adult life. His son, Frank, Jr. is recruited to the “Company” out of college. He loses his life in the line of duty. 

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A Search for Love

The novel “A Search for Love” is a story for the search of the evasive emotion “Love.” It opens in Harrisburg, PA, and follows the life of twenty-eight year old Matt Matthews, the number one DJ in that city. He meets his first wife, Debra, after she rear ends his new sports car. Her first words to him are “I don’t have any insurance.”  

This marriage outlines what happens when two people get married that aren't Compatible. 

Throughout the novel Matt takes all of his wives to the same honeymoon suite in the Poconos. Douglas another character in the novel is a bellboy the first time Matt visits there. Near the end of the novel Douglas owns the honeymoon establishment. He had previously married the deceased owner’s daughter who is now deceased as well. His life ironically parallels Matt’s with the number of women he has married over the ensuing years.  

The second marriage is to Kathy. This marriage is based on mistrust. Matt was cheating on Debra with Kathy. When they finally get married, Kathy wanted children and Matt failed to tell Kathy that he had previously had a vasectomy. Things get physical and the marriage ends. Matt gets a job in Philadelphia. 

Marriage number three is to a College professor at one of Philadelphia’s Universities. Matt believes that he has finally found the love of his life. Anne confesses on their honeymoon night that she is having a lesbian relationship with another professor named Bernie. This is too much information for Matt to handle. Matt abandons the honeymoon and the marriage. 

The fourth marriage is to “Boadicea.”  She is his fitness instructor. The gym has a rule that Gym employees are not allowed to date clients. However, they begin to date. One day the Gym Management learns of their liaison. Consequently “Boadicea” is dismissed from her job. Since she has nowhere to go she moves in with Matt. They get married. Everything is going smoothly until they begin to get kinky in their nightly exercises. They mix exercise with sex and a short double somersault results in Matt getting injured in his private parts. The injury results in “Pyrones” and an operation. He convinces himself that she is dangerous to his health and well being. Shortly thereafter, Matt gets a job in New York. He hosts a television and syndicated radio show. He leaves Boadicea in Philadelphia and later they divorce. 

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