Mercenaries IV


This novel is a follow up on “Mercenaries of Panama, (Ebi). It begins at the end of the mentioned novel. Ebi is in complete shock from the explosion of his new house. His future wife and her friend were in the house at the time. Ebi manages to regain his senses; makes his way to the hotel where he stayed when he arrived on the Island of St. Kitts. 

After he manages to get a room at the hotel, he contacts his only friend on the island, Brian. With Brian’s assistance, he manages to collect his thoughts and realizes what and how it happened. The ‘Company’ bombed his house to ensure that he would be killed. Ebi now turned his efforts toward ‘Revenge’. However, they made an error in their plan; Ebi wasn’t in the house at the time of the explosion. He survived.

During his brief stay at Brian’s house, he meets Brian’s sister Eileen who is visiting on vacation. During a conversation with her one evening shortly after she arrived, he learns that she is a Plastic Surgeon. After an in depth conversation about changing one’s appearance by surgical methods, he decides to have the procedure done. He travels back to Memphis, Tennessee with Eileen and goes under the knife. Three months later, he is a changed man in appearance. 

The remainder of the novel, Ebi is set out on revenging the murders of his fiancé and her friend. He has the names of all the ‘Board of Directors of the Company’ and their locations. He goes in search of them for the purpose of neutralization. 

At the conclusion of the novel, Ebi has revenge on all his adversaries and takes complete control of the ‘Company’. He is now the only ‘Director’.