Mercenaries III

(Choose your friends carefully)

Ebi was introduced in “Mercenaries II.” Ebi had joined the Army after graduation from high school. After several months, Ebi was recruited into “Special Forces.” He served his country for ten years as a Ranger. Though a previous Ranger comrade, he was recruited by the “Company.” His story expands twelve years of successful missions all over the world.

As the novel opens, Ebi is considered one of the most experienced Rangers within the “Company.” As the novel develops, he leads several difficult and dangerous missions. At the same time, he is planning his eventual escape into retirement. Ebi had covered for Shada when he accidently learned that she wasn’t dead, but was retired on the Island of St. Kitts. 

In his life outside of his professional life, he has three women who eventually profess their love for him. Since he would like to take one of these women into retirement with him, he is faced with a real moral dilemma.  After many of his successful missions, he plans his retirement carefully with his close friend Rayan. 

Toward the end of the novel, Ebi is approached by the Colonel of the “Company to fill in for him while he recuperates from a Prostate Operation. Once in that position, he learns that one of the women that he has had a liaison is an employee of the “Company.” Since she knows too much about his travels, he determines that she must be neutralized. He sends his friend Rayan to do the deed. 

There is a strange twist at this point when we learn later that Rayan didn’t carry out the mission as requested. Ebi, Rayan and their two women escape to St. Kitts after staging their deaths in a boating accident. 

The novel ends with the fact that “No one can successfully retire from the “Company.”